Hey, Happy Leap Day, my dear friends!

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Happy Leap Day to you all! I don’t know if that is appropriate terminology ut for now I will go with it, lol! I have ran across this adorable little book called, “Leap Year: A Love Story” by Hilary Leichter. It has some hilarious letters in it about one day, February 28h being in love with February 29th. She writes love letters to Feb. 29th trying to understand him and their love. I just had to share one with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Dear February 29th,

Are you getting this letter: Is my mail caught up on some federal holiday? It must be.

God, being in a long-distance relationship is the pits. Sometimes I look across to January 28th and 29th and think, wow, you guys have got it so easy. I broke all my resolutions this year just to spite those ungrateful lovebirds. They don’t understand our love, how it lasts for really long intervals of time.

March 1st heard a rumor that you went to a New Year’s Eve’s big party this year and danced with the hostess herself. But I told him that was impossible. You were observing the Jewish calendar this year, celebrating New Year’s in September.
Shalom, baby!

Love February 28th


Happy Leap Year, Dearies!