February 18 – Daily Feast

February 18 – Daily Feast

We need to get our priorities in a row. A lazy person never has priorities and never plans anything. He lets circumstances make all his decisions – and believes fate has the final say. Even though he has had a thousand nudges to do a certain thing, he ignores them because it is only himself dreaming again. If we cannot hold onto a plan long enough to do anything about it, then we should write it. Write it so plain that when we read it, we run – we run toward putting into practice what we set out on paper. It is essential to decide the ultimate outcome of our lives. If we do nothing, then that is a decision. Our lot in life is what we make it, using every delay, every pain, every injustice as fuel to fire our determination.

~ Let the young men of this nation remember that idleness leads to poverty. Industry is honorable and leads to contentment. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

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