Today’s Goddess: ASHERAH

Today’s Goddess: ASHERAH

Ta’Anith Esther (Israel)

Themes: Kindness; Love; Divination; Foresight

Symbols: Lion; Lilies; a Tree or Pole

About Asherah: Asherah, a Canaanite Goddess of moral strength, offers to lend support and insight when we are faced with inequality or overwhelming odds. In art, she is often depicted simply as an upright post supporting the temple. This is a fitting representation, since her name means “straight.” Traditionally, Asherah is a mother figure often invoked at planting time, embodying a kind of benevolent, fertile energy that can reinforce just efforts and good intentions. Beyond this she is also an oracular goddess, specifically for predicting the future.

To Do Today: In Israel, this festival commemorates Esther’s strength and compassion in pleading with King Ahasuerus to save her people held captive in Persia. It is a time of prayer when one looks to the divine to instill similar positive attributes within us. For help in this quest, we turn to Asherah with this simple prayer:

Lady, make me an instrument of kindness and mercy; let my words be gentle and true, my actions motivated by insight and fairness. Where there is prejudice, let me be the bearer of tolerance. Where there is uncertainty, let me share your vision. Where there is disharmony, let me sow love. Amen.

Plant a tree today to remember Asherah, and tend it often. As you do, you tend her attributes in your heart.

By Patricia Telesco

February 25th – Ta Anith Esther

February 25th

Ta Anith Esther

Held in Israel, Ta Anith Esther commemorates Esther’s strength when she pleaded with King Ahasuerus to save her people held captive in Persia. It is a quiet time of prayer and reflection that celebrates the feminine nature and those qualities of strength and compassion.

Magickal Activity for February 25th

Light a blue candle and speak the prayer.

How silently, how silently,
The brilliant gift is given.
As the Goddess imparts to human hearts,
Her blessings from her heaven.
No ear may hear her coming.
Bug in a world often grim,
Where all receiver her still,
The Goddess enters in.

Relax and meditate on the qualities of compassion and strength.