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1. Meditation or Concentration. This in practice means forming a mental image of what is desired and forcing yourself to see that it is fulfilled and that you will go on willing ’till you force it to be fulfilled. This is called, for short, Intention.

2. Trance, projection of spirit called Astral.

3. Rites, chants, spells runes, charms, etc.

4. Incense, drugs, wine, etc., whatever is used to release the spirit. Note: be very careful about this. Incense is usually harmless, but sometimes it has dangerous ingredients, Hemp, etc. If you find any bad after effects, reduce the amount used or the duration of time inhaled.

Drugs are very dangerous if taken to excess, but it must be remembered that there are many drugs which are absolutely harmless, though people talk of them with heated breath.

Be careful while taking fly-agaric but hemp is especially dangerous because it unlocks the inner eye, swiftly and easily, so one is tempted to use it more and more. If it is used at all, it must be with the strictest precautions and see that the person who uses it had no control over the supply. Khat has nearly the same effect and is less dangerous but it is difficult to obtain fresh.

5. The Dance and kindred practices.

6. Blood Control (The Cords). Breath control and kindred practices.

7. Scourging.

8. The Great Rite.

These are the Eight Ways of Magick.

You may combine many of them into one experiment, the more the better. The more important is intention. You must KNOW that you can and will succeed, this is essential to every operation. THE FIVE ESSENTIALS

9. You must be properly prepared according to the rules of the Art, otherwise you will never succeed.

10. The circle must be properly cast and purified.

11. All participants must be properly purified, several times if necessary, and this purification should be repeated several times during the rite.

12. You must have properly consecrated tools.

13. All doors, etc., must be properly secured so there is no thought of “someone may come in.”

These five essentials and eight paths or ways cannot all be combined in one rite. Meditation and dancing do not combine well. But forming the mental image and dancing may be combined also with the chants.

Spells combined with numbers 6 and 7 are good, also with 4 and 8, if you are advanced, it is a splendid combination. Meditation following #7 is good or #6 can be used to advantage. But #6 is dangerous to use without a companion. Nos. 3 and 4 (a little) 5, 6, and 7 are excellent. No. 7 followed, if possible by #8, nos. 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13 are essential to all experiments.

Also you must be free from all interruptions or from the mental fear of interruption.

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