Working With Magick Lamps

Working With Magick Lamps

The type of lamp used to make these magick lamps is the hurricane or kerosene lamp. Like the gris-gris bags, the magick lamps are made for many purposes. The basic fuel used in making these lamps is a blend of castor, oil, olive oil and kerosene. Here you will use two-thirds kerosene to one-third oil mixture. To this basic fuel mixture is added other ingredients which are analogous to the work being done. Here you will add diverse ingredients such as magnets, essential oils, herbs, pepper, red wine, etc.

When properly made, the lamps have excellent results. The results obtained from working with lamps is best when prayers are said as you fill the lamp with more fuel each day at the same time. Once the lamp is lit, it cannot be extinguished until satisfaction is obtained. If you don’t need to fill the hurricane lamp as you say your prayer, then the lamp is moved in a circular motion, clockwise, as you repeat your desire. The prayer which has always been given to use with the lamp has always been directed to a particular Saint (Catholic influence).

Instead of directing prayers to Saints, Pagans can invoke their Gods and Goddesses.