Good Thursday Morning to all my dear friends!

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If you didn’t notice yesterday, I went a little crazy with the pics I used. The reason being, I wanted to get a response out of you. Yes, you! It just seems like it has been too quiet around here recently. I found myself this morning check the blog’s stats, believe it or not. The blog is getting the hits, thousands of visitors but no response, no “I like it” click or nothing. I thought using the graphics might heat things up a little bit. Then I got to wondering if they might run people off. It is one of those situations were you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. What’s a witch to do?

Then I got to thinking perhaps I don’t tell you enough about myself? Perhaps I don’t tell you all the weird and crazy things that happen to me being a witch. My husband even made the comment the other day, that we definitely have some strange stuff that goes on around here. I just looked at him and said, “I wonder why?” You have a Druid and a Witch living under the same roof what do you expect?  My aura is bright enough that it attracts ever-living “dead” thing within a hundred mile radius. Most of them resemble shadow people. There are a few that I admit are actually scary. That is why like clock work every Full Moon, I do my house blessing. It keeps the biggest part of them out but I have family members and one dear close friend that are permitted to visit. Well, I really don’t permit them. They just cross over when they get good and ready. I normally can’t smell anything (that is a long story on why I can’t smell, I will tell you that some other time). But I can smell my relatives. My mother has a very sweet smell to her. It is very comforting when I feel her presence. My father has a very carnation smell with pine mixed in. I have learned their smells and they don’t bother me. The special friend I was telling you about, he does bother me. He has no smell, he just appears as a mist. You can tell it is in the form of a man but it is still a mist (if that makes any sense). When I was separated from my husband, I dated this man. I know I told you about it. I don’t know if it was love or lust but I know I never felt that way about any man. Even today thinking about him, that feeling comes back. To make a long story short, he found out that my husband and I got back together. That same day, he got killed in a motorcycle wreck. And he is my special friend that now visits me from the afterlife. I wondered for the longest time who that mist was. One night, I was all alone and it appeared. It formed enough, I knew who it was. He could never stand my husband and my husband could never stand him. When he visits the first place he heads for is my husband’s den. Which drives me absolutely crazy! Hell, am I going to have to put up with this the rest of my life.

My dear, sweet (using these terms loosely) husband will yell and curses at the spirits. I just grit my teeth. I keep telling him not to do that but it doesn’t do any good. It only provokes the spirits and that is what he wants. I finally told him what goes on when he goes to bed. I told him about my special friend and my father trying to get in his room. Yes, my father, he and hubby didn’t get along either. And hubby calls him by name and curses him. I told him about me running and getting the first thing I could find and driving them out of his room. About me backing them up into the library and holding them there till I can get my shit together to banish them for the time being. They will never be banished permanently because of me. I have my heart open to them and I love them. I would enjoy their visits if they would behave theirselves. If my husband would behave himself too. He got up one morning and saw all the diced onion on the floor. He asked me what when on last night and I told him. I told him that one of the spirit (which will remain nameless) decided they wanted to visit him. One he has cursed. He wanted to know if I had gotten rid of it and I told him yes. Since then he has calmed down on cursing the spirits. Thank the Goddess! But I do know one thing, spirits hold grudges or else they don’t forget. I know I still catch one every now and then trying to sneak into his room. And here I got making a frantic dive for the kitchen.

Oh, it’s such a wonderful life, lol! Now you know why I occasionally fall asleep at the computer! After a night like that, wouldn’t you too?

Have A Wonderful, Fantastic & Beautiful Thursday!

and y’all are going what broom did she fall off, lol! I haven’t woke up good yet this morning. I got up around 10:00 a.m., this morning. I don’t know what time I actually went to bed. We have a large chandlier in the living room. Not to mention I don’t know how many table lamps. Hubby gets his laptop and goes in the living room at night. He turns the chandlier on and flops on the love seat. The chandlier shines right into the bedroom and right into my eyes. I flew out of the bed and had a few chose words for him. He just  couldn’t undertstand why I was angry. He turned the light out and I went to bed at who knows what time?

There is just alot of stuff that has been building up to a boiling point in our happy home. My birthday is Saturday. I had planned on just me and hubby going out to eat and then catch a movie. Well my daughter called and she talked to her father about all of us going out. She is daddy’s little girl, so he said, “Yes, that would be fine. We will even pay for it.”  A 500 lbs. gorilla couldn’t have stopped me from going through the roof. I don’t know what he is thinking. Dumb bunny is drawing unemployment and we have a huge light bill due tomorrow. I have put the money back for the lights and he knows it. I told him yesterday if he thinks I am taking any of that money for us all to go out to eat, he’s CRAZY! I told him to tell “his” daughter that I’m not going. My daughter and son both work and they know their Father is laid off. To even suggest we all go out to eat, still makes my blood boiled.

Then hubby is mad at me because I told him something I saw and he told me I was CRAZY! (Notice a trend here, crazy is coming up quite a bit today, lol!) I had a dream about his job. The dream told me, he didn’t have a job anymore.  The job he took, the person who had it was fired. So hubby automatically moved up. The plant has an outage and this person showed back up. (The rule is once you are fired you don’t ever come back.) Hubby kept telling me the outage was coming to an end and he would be laid off for thirty days. The x-employee was still working when hubby got laid off. Hubby was thrilled to death. He was going to get 30 days off. He could get some stuff done he has meant to do for awhile. Thirty days have come and gone, no phone call and he still hasn’t got a damn thing done around here. The only thing he has accomplished is driving me crazy. He has his days and nights mixed up. He sleeps all day and he is up all night. Last night my furry baby and I went to town while he was asleep. I can’t get him to do anything. He won’t even get out of the house to ride to McDonald’s to get a milkshake. But back to the subject at hand, the x-employee was called back to fill hubby’s job. They are getting ready for an outage again, I told hubby what would happen if he goes. Now I am praying to the Goddess that something else opens up before that outage starts. He will walk in the warehouse. Sees his name plaque is off the door. Sees x-employee feet proped on his desk, he will get mad turn around and walk out the door. For those of you who have not drawn employment before, if you walk off a job your unemployment stops. You can get laid-off or fired and still draw unemployment. If you walk off the job, nothing. I told him that he knows the outage is coming up. Just check the caller ID and don’t answer the phone if it is any of them.  Needless to say, I have been feeling down about that.

Now for the wolf update, I know you missed it, lol! I had been making it a habit to stay inside at night. Then I got to thinking that is so stupid. I am not alternating my lifestyle. I am going back to doing what I use to do. I don’t know who is the biggest dummy around here! I grabbed my little pup and we ran to the store. It was dark when we left. I didn’t think a thing about it. When we got back I grabbed Kiki, my purse and a bag of ice and got out on the driver’s side.  I got all that inside and went back out. We have motion lights, so I was looking at my keys. Then I heard something, you can hear the wolf coming before he is actually up on you. I was already at the truck’s door. I fumbled and fumbled with keys. I could hear him and I knew he was about right on me. I had made my mind up that I was going to be supper for Mr. Wolf.  He came running right down the side of the truck. When he got to me he slowed down a little bit. Thankfully he was just slowing down to move around me. I felt his brisally hairs on my legs. He picked back up to the speed he was going when I first heard him. He went right straight out into the field after a coyote. Needless to say, my heart was beating about 1000. No telling what the old blood pressure was. But you can sit your clock every morning around 4:00 he is on the far side of our porch. I haven’t made up my mind yet if I want to try and get friendly with him or not. I am still pondering if that coyote wasn’t there, would he have come after me?

Well that is only bits of what has been going on in my life. I hope I haven’t bored you to tears. I hope everyone has a great day. If you get a chance get out and enjoy the day. It is gorgeous here. I am off for now…………

Blessings to you and yours!