Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Festival of Epona

December 18th

Festival of Epona, Mesa de Gallo

This was another of the festivals dedicated to the Celtic horse Goddess, Epona. Her worship was most popular in eastern Gaul and on the German frontier. So popular was Epona that she was honored with festivals in Rome, which was unique for a Gaulish deity. Epona was sometimes associated with the Celtic Mother Goddesses, and in Germany she was portrayed as a triple Mother Goddess.

An annual festival in the Philippines, Mesa de Gallo begins at sunrise when the people take to the streets with every imaginable noisemaker in existence. The parades of people clanking, banging, and hooting are believed to frighten away the evil spirits that may linger and thus affect future crops and harvest

Magickal Activity for this day:

Change Your Luck Spell

Items needed:  One black-cat candle; patchouli oil; a mirror.

Anoint the black-cat candle with the oil. As you do this, visualize your luck changing and good things coming to you. Place the cat candle on the mirror (reflective side up). Light the candle and chant:

“Black cat power,
From this hour,
Reflect the light,
Make things right.”

Leave the candle to burn for one hour. Repeat this spell every night, at the same time, until the candle has been consumed. Discard any wax left and put the mirror away.

Calendar of the Sun for June 13th

13 Lithemonath

Feast of Epona

Colors: White, black, brown, grey.
Element: Fire
Altar: Set upon a green cloth many figures of horses, iron horseshoes, and a burning candle.
Offerings: A basket of hay and apples.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian. Horse-shaped cookies.

Invocation to Epona

Hail, Mother of horses!
Hail, Lady whose children
Are the embodiment of the wind
And come like fire and thunder
Across field and plain.
Carry us, Lady,
As you carried our ancestors
Across rivers and continents,
As you carry our dreams
And nightmares,
Carry our wishes and hopes,
Bear us to adventure
And safely back home again,
And may we never stop running
Toward the far horizon
Of possibility.

Song: Song for the Horse Goddess

(The ritual for this day consists entirely of a drum circle, which can go on until the end of Sponde. The drums invoke the horses’ hooves. Those who do not wish to drum can circle-dance around the drummers.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]