In Case You Are Wondering………

I think everybody must be fed up with the world and the way they are being treated. I have tons of emails from people wanting hexes, curses or any other nasty things I might have. The reason being they are tired of people walking all over them, treating them like crap and so on. I can understand it completely. Getting run down into the ground, walked on, shoved aside, no body likes it. I always blame everything on the times we live in, perhaps it is. People no longer have compassion or consideration for others. They forget about others’ feelings. In fact, I believe they forget other people even have feelings. Like I said, I understand. I get fed up myself, we all do.

Due to the fact there are so many emails, I am going to post a very hexes and curses on the site. I always try to assist individuals in any way I can. Some of the emails, tugged at my heart (that is the main reason I am doing this). I will warn you some of these spells are very black. I would ask that you stop and think your situation over before you cast. And most of all, remember your karma. Karma will bite you in the butt, that is one thing you can count on.

Now for those who have wrote me, you now have your spells. For the others who do not care about these kinds of spell, you might want to read them. Why? Because if you don’t recognize and have knowledge of the dark side of magick, how will you know it when it comes knocking at your door?

On with the spells, I hope they help those who need them.