Super Special Pet of the Day for April 1

Granny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Granny
Age: Deceased, 37 years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Donkey
Home: LaPorte, Indiana, USA
This is Granny. She really was the grandma of the group. Sadly, she passed away last October. I rescued her from a cow farm where her job was to protect the cows from coyotes. You can see on her back the “cross” markings that legend has it were given to donkeys because one carried Jesus on Palm Sunday.

The vet thought she was at least 35 years old when she arrived here. When she first came, she was a little standoffish. After lots of brushing and love, though, she always wanted more! All the donkeys love kids, and Granny was no exception. The neighborhood kids always bring treats so when the donkeys see them coming, they run to the edge of the fence. Granny became like a puppy dog, following us around the pasture. She truly was a gem! Many people have the misconception that donkeys do not serve any real purpose. That is so not true. Until you have experienced owning one, you will never know the joy and love they can bring. She holds a special place in my heart. I felt like I gave her the best life a donkey could want in her last two years of her life.

She loved peppermints and had no problem begging for them! I miss her very much

Explorer Phase of Witchcraft: The Do’s and Don’ts…

Explorer Phase Do’s and Don’ts…

DO… Continue to read, study and record notes in your journal or Book. Why did you choose this athame over that wand? Why do you prefer sandalwood to jasmine? Should you hide your altar when Granny comes to visit?

DO… Begin to think about which Way appeals to you…Celtic? Egyptian? Druid? Can’t decide? Maybe you are the Eclectic type?

DO… Understand that you will be challenged as you begin to speak and interact with other Pagans. It’s our hobby. And it makes you think about what you say you believe in. It will tell you a lot about your commitment to the Path that you have chosen for yourself.

DO… Keep a sense of humor. It puts things into perspective. You will be laughing at yourself for a lifetime as you look back on your early days. We all do. We were just learning when we began and we weren’t always very good in our first attempts. (I’m laughing right now just thinking about the first time I cast a circle by myself!) But we did learn and you will, too. And since we all are continuing to learn each day, you will never run out of things to laugh about!

DO… “Talk little and listen much”. Lurk around the chat rooms. Peek in on a cybercircle. Check out your local area for open circles or workshops. Keep your eyes and ears open…opportunities for learning are everywhere.

DO… Continue to ask SPECIFIC questions. It is easier now that you have some real information under your belt, isn’t it? Instead of a broad-based “I dunno anything about this!”, you can ask “Well, what about THIS?” At last those answers are beginning to make some sense!

DO… begin thinking about Deities and ritual structure. Who of the Old Ones speaks to you? What sort of relationship would you have with the Deity of your choice-or the One who has chosen YOU?! What are the symbols associated with these Deities? Learn Their stories.

DON’T… Get ahead of yourself. All worthwhile lessons take time to become integrated into your spirit. The mind is usually the last to know! That is because your subconscious is learning through dreams and visions and symbols while your conscious mind is still struggling with the words. Continue to spend time alone to allow all your new feelings and thoughts to become clear. Take a walk and enjoy your life!

DON’T… Put all your spiritual eggs into one basket. Even though you may have a favorite author, continue to read other viewpoints. Even though you may respect a Witch or Pagan, continue to listen to other voices. Read about the latest “conspiracy theory”. It may be ridiculous, but it does train the mind to be on the look out for alternatives. (However do know that if you are abducted by aliens, they didn’t hear about you from us!)

DON’T… Tell all that you know and don’t pretend to know about something that you don’t. Complete honesty may be difficult with other people, but it is essential to be honest with yourself. Lies waste energy.

DON’T… get frustrated because you STILL haven’t found out how to contact a coven. That will come later…if it is still what you want to do.