New Orleans Charm for Good Luck


Before assembling this good luck charm it is required to say,

“The Gods/Goddesses before me, the God/Goddesses behind me,
the Gods/Goddesses be with me”.

Materials to make up the charm are small amounts of :

A White Bean
Black Pepper Seeds
Rosemary herb
Chamomile herb
Calamus root
A  small Lodestone
A few strands of hair
Bread crumbs

After making the blessings of the Gods/Goddesses, all the materials are wrapped in a red cloth or bag. Sew this completely shut where nothing can escape. Every Friday, except good Friday, the charm is wet with a small amount of rum. Then it is kept in a safe secret place. Some people make charms for each room of their home


Good Luck Charm

Good Luck Charm

You will need:
Apache tear
7 Star anise seeds
4-inch square yellow fabric
7 inches good ribbon
Place the stone in the center of the fabric. Add the star anise seeds one at a time while chanting:
One for luck,
two for money,
three for favor,
and four for honey.
Five for old,
and six for new,
seven bring success
in all that I do.
Draw up the ends of the cloth and tie the pouch with the gold ribbon. Carry the charm in your pocket or on your person.