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Fortuna (equivalent to the Greek goddess Tyche) was the goddess of fortune and personification of luck in Roman religion. She might bring good luck or bad: she could be represented as veiled and blind, as in modern depictions of Justice, and came to represent life’s capriciousness. She was also a goddess of fate: as Atrox Fortuna, she claimed the young lives of the princeps Augustus’ grandsons Gaius and Lucius, prospective heirs to the Empire.

Her father was said to be Jupiter and like him, she could also be bountiful (Copia). As Annonaria she protected grain supplies. June 11 was sacred to her: on June 24 she was given cult at the festival of Fors Fortuna.

The Goddess Calendar, The Month Hestia from December 26 – January 22

Dragons eye
The Goddess Calendar

December 26 – January 22

26– First Day of Yuletide, Frau Sonne, Igaehindvo, The Star Faery, Sunne, Yemaya
27– Birth of Freyja(Norse Goddess of Fertility, Love and Beauty)
28– Half Month of Eoh(yew tree) Begins
29– Day of Nymphs, Andromeda, Ariadne, Artemis
31– New Year’s Eve, Hogmanay (Scottish New Year), Hogmagog(Scottish God of the Sun)
1– Fortuna, Jupiter, Juno, Janus, The Three Fates, Bertha(German Goddess), The Morrigan, The Parcae, Japanese Household Gods, New Year’s Day
2– Advent of Isis (Phoenecia), Inanna(Sumerian Queen of Heaven), Perihelion of the Earth
3– Dionysus, The Deer Mothers(Native American Spirit-Goddesses), Lenaia Festival (Greek), Pueblo Deer Dances, Kalends of January (French)
4– Sacrifice to the Seven Stars (Korea)
5– Feast of Befana (Roman)
6– Twelfth Night (England), Day of the Triple Goddess (Celtic), Kore, Persephone
7– Sekhmet
8– Babo, Freya, Justicia(Roman Goddess of Justice), Old Druid New Year, Midwife’s Day (Greek)
10– Day of Freyja (Norse), Iroquois Feast of Dreams, Geraint(Welsh Bard)
11– Carmentalia (Roman Nymphs of Prophecy), Juturno
12– The Lares(Roman Household Gods), Frigg(Chief Goddess of Old England), Festival of Saravasti (India), Compatlia (Roman)
13– Runic Half Month of Peorth(womb, dice cup) Begins, Tiu(Ancient Teutonic Chief God, Ruler of the Year), Feast of Brewing Midwinter’s Offering (Norse), Tiugunde Day
14– Surya(Indian God of the Sun)
15– Carmentalia(second festival), Feast of the Ass (Roman)
16– Concordia, Betoro Bromo(Indonesian God of Fire)
17– Felicitas(Roman Goddess of Good Fortune), Wassailing the Apple Trees (Celtic Britain)
18– Zao Jun(Chinese Kitchen-God), Theogamia of Hera (Greek)
19– Thor(Norse God of Thunder and Lightning), Thorrablottar/Husband’s Day (Iceland)
20– Grandmother’s Day (Bulgaria)
21– Celtic Tree Month of Luis(rowan) Begins, Yngona(Danish Goddess)
22– Festival of the Muses

Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Festival of Fortuna

Memorial Day Comments
25 May

Festival of Fortuna

Fortuna was probably originally a fertility Goddess, and rites to her would have reflected this concept. However, as she became associated with the Greek Tyche, her persona changed to that of a Goddess of fate, chance, and luck.

Fortuna’s main symbol is the wheel upon which she stands, implying the instability of human fortune. Her most recognized nized symbols are those of the cornucopia and rudder, indicating her ability to steer the destiny tiny of people. At this time of year, her temples would have been decorated with fresh flowers. Offerings would have been made to her for the purpose of bringing good fortune and luck to those who followed her ways.

February 5 – Fortuna & Saint Agatha’s Day

Celtic Comments & Graphics

February 5 – Fortuna & Saint Agatha’s Day

Fortuna & Saint Agatha’s Day

St. Agatha was a Christianized aspect of the Greek Goddess Tyche, known to the Romans as Fortuna and to the Anglo-Saxons as Wyrd. It was the custom to set this day aside for the reading of omens and divining the future, especially by those desiring marriage.

Magickal Activity


Items Needed:

A bowl of water

One small clear-quartz crystal

One white candle

Place the crystal in the bottom of the glass bowl and cover it with water. Place the candle just behind the bowl and light it. With your right index finger, slowly stir the water around the crystal as you chant:

Blessed spirits of the night

Bless me now with second sight.

Gaze into the bowl. The water will begin to cloud over and a psychic mist will appear. When the mist begins to flow out of the bowl, stop stirring the water and look directly into the bowl. Focus your attention on the crystal and repeat the following:

Fire and water, crystal clear

Let the visions now appear.

Visions of the future will begin to appear. When the visions begin to fade, make a mental note of what you saw. Snuff out the candle and place the crystal under your pillow. The crystal will provide you with more information during your dream time. Later, write your visions down in your diary or dream journal.

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