Tasha’s Day by Day Planner for July 2015

Tasha’s Day by Day Planner for July 2015


Tue. 7/7 Sweet Pisces AM Moon changes to Fiery Aries Moon at noon. Plan an energetic afternoon.

Wed. 7/8 Active Aries Moon keeps things hopping. Mercury enters Cancer: Talk centers on home and parenting. Mars/Neptune says beware potential deception.

Thu. 7/9 Enterprising Aries Moon until 4 PM says begin projects now; Steady Taurus Moon after 4 keeps things going well.

Fri. 7/10 Earthy Taurus Moon is good for shopping, gardening, crafts of al kinds.

Sat.7/11 Sensual Taurus Moon makes for a day devoted to pleasure. Chatty Gemini Moon at 8 PM says meet friends tonight.

Sun. 7/12 Restless Gemini Moon makes for good multitasking. Sun/Uranus suggests be mindful and avoid accidents.

Mon. 7/13 Clever Gemini Moon means fun with ideas. Mercury/Neptune says be wary of chicanery. Venus/Saturn says your choices must be responsible.

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