Calendar of the Moon for Tuesday, May 20th

Calendar of the Moon
20 Huath/Thargelion

Day of Diancecht

Colors: Red and white
Element: Water
Altar: Upon cloth of red and white set out the medical supplies for the house to be blessed, with a red candle, incense of soothing herbs, a pitcher of clean water, and healing stones.
Offerings: Take some kind of medical training.
Daily Meal: Vegan.

Invocation to Diancecht

Healer of wounds, we call to thee,
Bless our flesh that tears,
Bless our blood that spills,
Bless our bones that break,
Bless our body that succumbs to invaders.
Bless the hands that bind and stitch,
Bless the voice that soothes and calms,
Bless the medicine that pits itself
Against pain, against fever, against invasion
By all that would devour us.
Bless the tools of the healer’s trade,
That they may be clean and whole.
Bless the mind of the healer,
That it may clearly see what must be done.
Bless the spirit of the healer,
That it may not flinch from ugliness or pain.
Bless the heart of the healer,
That no matter how great the wounds
Nor how sorrowful the plight
They will not harden their heart
And treat the wounded without compassion
In order to protect their own softness.
Help us to remember, O Diancecht,
Healer of the Druid’s grove,
That healers must have their own courage,
Which is much harder to bear
Than that of any warrior.

(Those in the House who are healers of any kind should come forward and be anointed with the water, cleansed with the fire and incense and stones, and bear the supplies to their place.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]