Calendar of the Moon for October 7

Calendar of the Moon


7 Muin/ Boedromion

Boedromia Colors: Red and Gold
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of red and gold place a fiery sun, two crossed spears, and three torches.
Offerings: Song and music.
Daily Meal: Food of yellow and red.

Boedromia Invocation

Hail Apollo, Lord of the Sun!
We must remember and be mindful of
Great Apollo who shoots from afar.
As he goes through the house of Zeus,
All spring up as he bends his bow.
All high headlands of lofty hills
Are your delight, great Phoebus,
And the whole range of song is fallen to you.
O God of the golden bow,
Who walketh on craggy Cynthus,
Be favorable to us below.
Leto’s all-glorious son from wave-swept Delos,
Wooer in the fields of love,
Chariot-driver of the sky
With your fiery horses,
God of the oracle that speaks
The twisting tongue of truth,
Star of noonday, flashing fire,
Lord of the Nine Muses,
Brighten our lives with your inspiration
And clear our clouded minds
Like the dawning light of the Sun.

(All shall then sing forth whatever song or chant is preferred, for Apollo takes joy in many songs.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]