“Me Time”

“Me Time”
Author: Ashley Rose

Many people have their morning routines. It is sad to think about how many people just rush around making sure they have everything for the day. Their mental list may be: shower, clothes, papers for work, lunch, car keys… where are the car keys? But what happened to: breathe, “Hello flowers”, me time?

I never realized just how much even a few minutes could change the way I see the world. Even if a person has to set their alarm five minutes earlier, it is worth it. I’m lucky that I don’t have to be to work till 11:00 AM. So, my morning “me time” usually lasts about a half hour.

Every morning starts off with me opening my bedroom door to three awaiting cats (Daemon, Ireland, and Loki) . I get followed down the stairs as they tell me what they need. Some mornings it is food and water, others just love. And then there are the days they want to go right outside.

After I take care of my ‘kids’, I start making my tea. I’m not a kitchen witch, nor do I grow my own herbs. Some may say that I cheat. But, I buy my green tea at the store.

As I let my tea steep I head outside to my sanctuary. It is a work in progress, but yet still so calming. To give you a mental picture… There is lattice up around the patio (to keep the little ones from slipping through the bars of the gate) . Also, along the top are flower boxes, sitting on the concrete walls. Inside are beautiful cacti.

The flower boxes were put up because Daemon liked to jump over the six-foot concrete wall. The cacti were chosen because I live in the desert and they are hard to kill. You can also find a patio table out here. Along the wall of the house are paper lanterns and two beautifully sounding wind chimes. And, the latest addition: a new garden area.

One weekend my boyfriend and I got some bricks, potting soil, honeysuckle, and a hibiscus. The former eyesore is now a small, but beautiful, garden area. They only thing missing is a fountain (coming soon) .

Now that you hopefully have a mental picture of the patio, we move on towards the front of the house. Through the gate on the left is a bell. This was not placed for magickal purposes or for looks. The bell was put up for all the ignorant people who couldn’t figure out how to open our gate. Honestly, it isn’t that hard! [Sorry sidetracked] On the left are bushes along the whole side of the house. A humming bird feeder is the latest addition. Hopefully it will be joined by some bird feeders soon.

This brings us to the right side. There are lots of plants starting to pop up. If a person looks close enough they could find many bugs crawling around here.

Further down the sidewalk is the magickal area. Two palm trees are growing along side a rose bush. Inside the rose bush is where the mischievous fairies live. I know they are there because of two reasons. One section of lattes (held up with lots of zip ties) just fell down one day. And, occasionally a flower box will fall down. Now one would think the wind would cause this. But they always fall when there is no wind at all…

The last area to describe is the front. There are plans to add at least three more rose bushes here. But for now a lone birdbath stand on the rocks. In front are four dirt circles. As of right now nothing can be seen in these circles. But, soon they will show signs of new flowers growing.

Now that I’ve described my sanctuary, lets get back to my morning routine.

The first thing I do is real out the hose and remember to turn on the water. Yes, there has been a morning here or there where I stare at the hose wondering why it isn’t working. What happens when I’m not awake yet!

I like to start out front. I hose off the birdbath if it needs it and then add more water to it. The circles of dirt get watered next. Then I move along to the palms, rose bush, and new seedlings. I always warn the fairies before I start spraying their home with water.

After the front and side are watered I take time to observe and talk to the plants. I’m sure my neighbors think that I’m crazy. But, that is ok to me. It really does take some time to learn to listen to the plants. But, once you do they can tell you a lot. With a little extra love plants do seem to grow better.

Next comes watering the patio area. Some days I water the cactus and other days I don’t. Some of them tell me when they need watered and just how much. I also water my new garden area too.

Once everything is watered I grab my tea. I sit in my special chair and just feel the magick around me. I take time to stare at the sky and watch the clouds. Then I listen to all of the songs around me. I let the powers of my tea infuse me.

Some days I take a little extra time to ground myself. I try to let go of all the negativity that surrounds me. I let the warmth of the sun burn them away. It’s amazing how taking a deep breath and feeling the warmth of the sun can calm me. And this only takes a few measly seconds!

On occasion I’m graced by the presence of a hummingbird. I like to watch them flutter around. They really are a beautiful bird. My ravens are another favorite of mine to watch.

While I’m taking time for myself, so are my cats. Most days they all find a place to lie out in the sun. That is until a fly comes along. I usually get a laugh as they chase them around. Ireland also likes to talk to the pigeons. If only I really knew what she was trying to say.

Before I go back in the house I thank the Goddess for letting me spend some time with her. I take one last deep breath as I cross the thresholds back into the real world. This was my ‘me time’.