Daily Feng Shui News for April 14th – ‘Ex Spouse Day’

For those who can relate to today’s ‘Ex Spouse Day’ energies, this tip’s for you. As soon as you start to feel any grieving or negative energies associated with your spouse, just stop what you’re doing (and thinking) and breathe. And be quiet. And be strong. And be the you who belongs to you. And now, I’ll offer just a few more words about conscious breathing. While you’re breathing all that bigness in, don’t forget to also recognize and invite your own big Spirit inside. You can do that simply by breathing in through the nose, all the way down into your belly and then exhaling through your mouth. Then take in another big breath, but this time move the breath into your heart. Breathe into that space and once there loudly exclaim the sound ‘Ha’ on the exhale. This will shake up and shake off negativity stuck to this same ‘ex’ agenda while allowing you to move more easily into the big life that belongs to you! Breathe deeply. Hit the heart hard. Then release and shout ‘Ha!’ This sounds like a perfect exercise to me.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com