Vine (Sept 2 – Sept 29)


  • 10th Moon of the Celtic Year – (Sept 2 – Sept 29)
  • Latin name: Grape – vitis
  • Celtic name: Muin (pronounced: muhn).
  • Folk or Common names: Grape (when dried: Raisin).
  • Parts Used: Berries, wood, leaves, juice, seeds.
  • Herbal usage: The leaves from some varieties of Grape can be used to make teas for treating diarrhea, hepititas, and upset tummies. Grape leaves can also  be used externally for poultices to treat rheumatism, headaches and fevers. The fruit from most viney plants can be eaten and can be juiced for drinking. The  juices can also be fermented into various wines and alcoholic beverages.
  • Magical History & Associations: Grapes are an herb of Jupiter and the Moon, and are associated with positive ego strength. Birds associated with the  month of the Vine are the Tit-mouse and the white swan; the animal is the snake; the color is variegated; and the gemstone is amethyst. An annual Grape Vine  Festival called the Vinalia Rostica was held by the Greeks and the Romans – this was a festival of thanksgiving for the first of the grape harvest and was  dedicated to God Dionysos / Bacchus and to the Goddess Venus of the Grape Vine; and also to Minerva. It was celebrated by offering the first fruits of the  grape harvest and prayers for sustenance for all. The Grape Vine is also sacred to the deities Osiris, Hathor, and Demeter – and its five-pointed leaves are  sacred to the Goddess in general. Other specific deities associated with the Vine are Rhea, Oenone, Aphrodite, Branwen, Guinevere and Etain. The wood of  Vines is one of the nine traditional firewoods to be added to the Belfire that is burned at Beltane – as the tree of tree of joy (its juice is capable of  altering consciousness), Vine is added to the fire as a celebration of joy.
  • Magickal usage: Vines in general are symbols of both joy and wrath. This month marks the vintage season when the Grape crop is harvested and so is a good  time to do any and all rituals associated with the harvest – in fact, the Autumn Equinox (called Harvest Home or Mabon) is celebrated during this month. The  month of Vine is also a good time to do magick associated with inspiration, imagination, poetry and imagery. The Grape has applications in magick done for  Faerie work, garden magick, joy, exhilaration, wrath, mental powers, rebirth, happiness, fertility, inspiration, prosperity, and binding. The leaves and  fruit from Vines can be used in spells to overcome inferiority complexes and to enhance ambition. The Grape Vine also symbolizes resurrection because its  strength is preserved in the wine, that magical elixir that’s known for its ability to dissolve the boundaries between us, allow us to mingle more  easily, and relax with others. Grapes and Grape wine are often used to symbolize vitality, since tonic healing has always been related to the vine. Here is a  recipe for Vine Moon Tea (good for use in Earth magic, sex magic, overcoming difficulties):1 part blackberry         1 part dandelion         splash of currant wine or Grape juice         pinch of hibiscus

    Grapes can be used in many types of prosperity or money attraction spells. They can be eaten as part of prosperity spellwork if the person casting    the spell visualizes money energy vibrating as the grapes are eaten. You can also place grapes on the altar during money spells. Pictures of Grapes or    grape Vines can be painted onto garden walls to ensure the garden’s fertility, as was done in ancient Rome. Eating grapes or raisins is said to    increase fertility, as well as strengthen mental powers. Grape leaves can be dried and carried in a small pouch or bag to act as evil-repellent.