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Physical Cleaning, Spiritual Purification the Green Witch Way


The green witch has a couple of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to maintaining a healthy, happy home environment. The first is enhancing physical cleaning products with a bit of natural magic. The second is understanding that the energy in a space has to be cleaned regularly both physically and spiritually.

The simplest way to enhance your housecleaning products is to empower them. This means filling them with extra energy associated with a particular goal. It’s easy to do. Hold the container of cleaning product in your hands, or hold your hands over it, and close your eyes. Take three or four deep breaths to calm and balance yourself. Then think of the energy with which you wish to empower the product to help you attain your goal. For example, you could focus on happiness. Remember how you feel when you’re happy, and pour that feeling into the cleaning product. Visualize it welling up from your heart and flowing down your arms and out through your hands; see the product absorbing that energy. Now when you clean with it, you’ll be using the physical product to clean, but while cleaning you will also be filling the area with the energy with which the product was empowered. You can empower your cleaning supplies with more than one energy as long as those energies support one another and aren’t at cross-purposes. For example, you can empower a furniture polish with happiness, peace, and prosperity. For the best results, choose earth-friendly organic or fair trade cleaning products that carry no toxic ingredients.

You can also do a general empowerment of your supplies, or you can think about what each one is for or what it contains, and code the empowerment that way. You can use correspondences to energize your cleaning implements. For example, if your product is pine-scented, empower it for protection or prosperity, both common associations with essence of pine. If your window cleaner is scented with lemon, empower it for love and joy. If your dish detergent is scented with apple, empower it for health.

When you clean, you can further visualize the energy you are calling into the space. Visualizing while you clean also helps take away the boredom and resentment we associate with removing the dust and dirt that will just build up again anyway. Think of it as green witch maintenance of your personal space.

The second dimension to keeping your space clean and bright is purification. It’s important to clean the energy of your living space because the energy of an environment affects the energy of the people functioning within it. If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt odd for no obvious reason, then you’ve been affected by the energy present in that space. While it’s true that the physical state of cleanliness affects the energy of a room, you have to clean the existing energy of a room as well. Otherwise, the negative energy will pile up, just as dust collects on a bookshelf that you neglect to clean.

Purification can be done in several ways. A classic method is to sweep the negative energy away with a broom. The witch’s broom is often seen only as a symbol, but it can also be used as a regular tool. It can, in fact, be a remarkably useful item, and it’s very easy to use.

The Way Of The Green Witch: Rituals, Spells, And Practices to Bring You Back to Nature

Arin Murphy-Hiscock