365 Days of Spirituality, Folklore and Legends for September 7th: Labor Day

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September 7th

Labor Day


Peter J. Maguire, leader of the Central Labor Union of New York, suggested that it might be a good idea to have a celebration honoring the American working man. Acting on his idea, more than 10,000 workers showed up to parade in Union Square, New York. After the parade, there were political cal speeches, picnics, and fireworks. Afterward, Labor Day became an annual event. September 5 had no traditional or historical significance. According to Maguire, it was simply convenient-midway between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. giving. Labor Day is still with us 120 years after its inauguration. tion. Even though its original theme of being a trade union holiday has diminished and its date moved to the first Monday of September, the day remains important. It marks the end of the vacation season, is a day for family reunions and picnics, and is the kick-off for Fall festivals.