Your Daily Chinese Horoscopes for May 17th


Music is the answer if you are looking for a gift to impress a prospective partner or your significant other. You can get things going with the right mood music. Look for something new or unusual, some music from another culture could be stimulating.


Whether you are already employed or are looking for work, it is important that you make a good impression today. Get your best duds on, shine your shoes, put on your best face. There could be a hugely important opportunity in your workplace right now.


You should not commit to seasons tickets to musical, entertainment or sporting events today. You may find you are unable to use them. Chances and rescheduling of events of all kinds are likely to frustrate recreational and social plans right now. Be prepared for anything to happen.


You’ll sort out an interesting issue with a friend or loved one. The experience will make everyone feel much more happy and secure. Be sure that everyone understands the consequences. There will have to be adjustment and the changes may be stressful at first.


Other folks will be strongly interested in what you have to say today. You may have learned something about alternative healthcare, music or a craft, and will be able to share or teach something you love or are passionate about with others around you.


You will find that your recent spate of generosity has some unlikely benefits. You could meet someone important to your career or financial goals as a result of your mutual membership in a club or charity. Your organizational skills have caught someone’s eye.


You are in the spotlight today, and everyone is interested in what you have to say. You are attractive, exciting and interesting. If you have musical or creative talent it is a good time to get in front of an audience and show your stuff.


Your subconscious mind has finally exorcised the bats that have been floating around your belfry the past few days. You are suddenly clear and lucid, and have some amazing insights about yourself. You could have profound experiences during dreams, prayer or meditation today.


You could have a moment of profound insight about a friend, or a conversation with a friend could trigger awareness about your own thought processes. You will realize that you have to change some of your habitual reactions, and that idea will bring a great deal of positive change.


It looks like you could be headed for a promotion or a significant boost in your career. There will definitely be additional responsibilities, and for many this will mean extra work, but the working conditions, title, or support you receive from management will be increased.


You may be considering taking a trip or vacation soon. You will find that there are educational opportunities as well. Look for big ways to expand your boundaries and personal horizons. You have a chance to completely change your life.


This is a good time for trying out new financial or investment ideas, especially those that arise as opportunities in your workplace. You may hear of changes in your sector that leave you feeling more “bullish” on the future of your career.