The best party ever: ‘What motivates you?”

The best party ever: ‘What motivates you?”

By: Tosha Silver

Now first off,  I understand this might be one misleading header since it sounds like I’m motivated by parties.  In fact, just the opposite.  With most my planets below the horizon, unless I’m promised off-the-hook dance music, I usually shy away from big parties like crazy.

But yesterday my friend Dan sent this video of the legendary Bryan Ferry, still going gloriously strong after all these years.  And it reminded me of something I’d forgotten about for a long time:  the best party ever.

One of my closest friends, Cyn, loved to give theme events so she sent me an invite once saying,

What motivates you?  Bring art, food, music, a costume, or anything at all, that represents what makes you in tick.  We’ll all decipher what you bring.

“What mad genius,” I thought, especially since Cyn was known for having the most diverse  pals around.  Few of us had ever even met each other.

In the bathtub that evening I knew what two pieces of music I would bring.

The party was as amazing as expected, such raw comic truth-telling.  I remember someone showed up with dollar bills pinned on every inch of her black velvet dress.  ‘Yep, material girl.” she laughed. “Just show me the money…”

Cyn carried a single rose in a cut-glass bud vase for.. romance.

One guy brought a huge poster of a train going into a tunnel between a woman’s long pair of legs.  With no sense of irony.  Well, at least he was honest.

This blonde woman brought a copy of the New York Times best-seller list for her lust for fame.  A short, bald guy brought a Sundance movie poster.  Another girl some copies of Rilke.

One of my favorites I remember was a Sag who showed up with a fully packed parachute.  For a freedom, adventure and a quick getaway.

And me?  Well, I threw most people for a loop.  I brought this song by Ferry but also George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord.”  (Unfortunately the examiner site won’t let me post both but no doubt you know the other.)  With almost every planet in my chart aspecting Pluto, it all made perfect contradictory and concise sense to me.

I guess it still does.

But the room was baffled.

Finally, at the end of the evening, a quiet woman with a disarmingly direct gaze walked up and simply said, “Totally get it.  Transcendental Intensity.  Straight out of my own psyche.”

I smiled and asked if she knew her own chart.

She was, of course…a triple Scorpio.


And so, I can’t help but ask…

What would YOU have brought to this party?