Inspecting the Palm Lines

Inspecting the Palm Lines


Once you’ve examined the general shape of the hand, take a look at the palm. The first things you should notice are the main lines. Lines basically come in four different varieties: deep, clear, faint, or broken.

Deep lines indicate a person who is full of life and who is certain or direct about their needs and desires. These people have absolutely no difficulty in attaining their goals in life — and they don’t let anyone or anything get in their way!

Clear, easy-to-read lines that are plain to see but not exceptionally deep typically belong to peace-loving, even-tempered people. These individuals are often the peacemakers in their families, and others look to them for their fair and objective insights.

People with faint lines often have lots of nagging health problems caused by years of worry or indecision. Often timid and reserved, these people would rather have others lead them in particular situations; they hate having to take action, especially for their own well-being — they prefer having someone else take care of them.

Broken lines indicate abrupt or traumatic changes in life. A broken line coming off the life line can mean a major shift in lifestyle or personal well-being. A broken line off the heart line may mean a dramatic change in relationship status, such as divorce or separation.

Long lines on the palm mean that you have well-developed interests and pursue them with a passion, while short lines generally mean that you have many different interests and can be intensely involved with each one — until the next opportunity presents itself.

Horizontal lines on the palm generally mean conflict or separation, while vertical lines point to a tendency toward people pleasing. Double lines mean that you have spiritual guidance in the form of an ancestral spirit, spirit guide, or angel — and this guidance pertains to the area of your life that the double lines are closest to (either heart, head, or life line).

While not completely conclusive until the rest of the palm reading has been complete, palm lines can tell you a lot about the basis or foundation of your life.