Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Wednesday, June 10th




Get a Jump on Tomorrow…..

Your Horoscopes for Wednesday, June 10th



The day can be good for interactions with a sibling, news you can truly use, and generally a feeling of moving forward, dear Aries, if not a breakthrough of sorts. If you’ve been doing editing or reviewing recently, as many of you have, you might begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel, However, you may be dealing with little things going wrong, misunderstandings in communications, or some level of mental chaos today and tomorrow as Mercury moves to a direct station. Be especially clear if it’s important to get your message across. Remember that you may be a little disconnected from your heart when you speak, and so can others. Otherwise, enjoy your more inspiring ideas and sense of progress.


While routine is something that often comforts you, dear Taurus, today there can be benefits to some form of exploration and non-routine. There could be a breakthrough of sorts, likely related to the past, but it’s something that inspires you. People in general are supportive of your ideas. opinions and thoughts, and family can be especially appreciative. Be a little more cautious when you communicate today and especially tomorrow, because with Mercury coming to a station, words chosen may not always accurately reflect what’s in your heart or what you truly mean. This is also true for others, so avoid taking what’s said about emotions too literally, but be clearer than usual with facts-based communication.


You have a little more courage to express yourself today, dear Gemini, or to break free from stereotypes and routines. You could find yourself on the same page as a friend, or feel strong about a group endeavor and teamwork now. Even so, be gentle with others and avoid beginning entirely new endeavors with Mercury stationing direct tomorrow, which can mean communications are taken a little more seriously or literally, and not correctly. Even so, today is strong for feeling positive and hopeful as well as enjoying friends or networks and different, unusual ideas. People are finding you especially attractive.


There can be surprise support or memory/intuition that boosts your career or long-term goals today, dear Cancer. There can be breakthrough thinking now, but some doubts can linger. In truth, it’s better not to begin a brand new project today with Mercury about to turn direct, as it will likely get off to a slow start or it can be reconsidered later on. However, today is very good for feeling positive and opening up your mind to new approaches that can be truly valuable. Let life inspire you today, be a little more mindful with communications and directions, and take note of new ideas.


While there may be some level of chaos or confusion today and tomorrow, dear Leo, today you have more emotional fuel for enjoying and pursuing your interests. You can fully enjoy trying new things, branching out, improvising, and experimenting. You are especially attracted to new or out-of-the-ordinary activities, ideas, and people. If called upon for advice or decision making, you make an excellent guide, with progressive ideas and an especially fair, humanitarian perspective. This is not the best day for following routines. Changes are necessary to free yourself from restrictive situations or people. Today can be liberating in many spots, as well as good for connecting with others, but a little tricky in some areas mainly due to communication breakdowns or misunderstandings, which are possible as we adjust to Mercury and Neptune’s upcoming stations.


It can be a chaotic day for big decisions, dear Virgo, so you may want to wait for these, but otherwise it can be a day of inspiration and feel-good moments. There can be a nice change in your usual routine and you may need to improvise, which can be fun. While insights can be breakthrough, part of you is holding back. Your ruler, Mercury, will turn direct tomorrow, ending a cycle that involved looking to the past, making refinements and edits to projects, and rethinking problems from a different perspective. With the changeover, there can be some level of chaos to deal with today and tomorrow revolving around communications that are misunderstood, lost, overwhelming, or overlooked. Otherwise, there is a nice sense that you’re getting over a hump, and possibly better understanding a relationship.


Be ready to open up your schedule today, dear Libra. You are more inclined to see opportunities you’ve overlooked in the past. As well, there can be nice energy today for personal appeal and friendships. You are more spontaneous and willing to do things on the spur of the moment. Not following plans can actually result in pleasurable detours. Social contacts can be favorable now. Mercury is moving towards a station, as it will turn direct tomorrow. Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, is also about to station, but will retrograde. Stations tend to stimulate some level of confusion and disorientation, whichever way they go, and so it’s important to know that now and in the next few days, you may want to hold off on important conversations, interviews, and launches.


Today’s Sun-Uranus sextile encourages you to think outside of the box and discover new things, dear Scorpio. You could feel a strong desire to express yourself in new and different ways, or you could discover a brand new interest, product, or activity that excites you. There is enthusiasm and a better ability to access your creativity. Dig deep, research, and keep an open mind. Discoveries can be breakthrough. Even so, with both Mercury, the planet that rules our communications, and Neptune, the planet that rules our dreams, both moving to a station, things may not be especially clear today and in the next two days.


There is a distinctly sociable theme in your life these days, dear Sagittarius, but today, there can be some signals crossing. Get over this hurdle, and you’ll enjoy the easier, freeing energy of a Sun-Uranus harmonious aspect. There is also very good energy for personal attraction. There is a better spirit of freedom and acceptance in love and friendship now – a sense that you can be yourself and you’re applauded for it. Your inhibitions tend to drop, and it’s easier to express yourself creatively and spontaneously. There is more originality in your work, and the design aspect is especially favored.


While the Sun moving through your solar sixth house these days speaks to your need for routine and order, dear Capricorn, these things can benefit from new ideas, technology, methods, and approaches. Today, ideas on these lines can be especially valuable. You might find release from recent stresses through domestic or work activities that support growth and play to your sense of invention and progress. You want to renovate in some small way, to breathe new life into old projects or routines, or reorganize in unique, helpful ways. Mercury and Neptune are approaching stations, and this can point to some lack of clarity or a feeling of chaos today and in the next couple of days. Try not to expect things to be especially clear now, and you can enjoy today’s gifts of insight and imagination.


With the Sun moving through your solar fifth house these days, Aquarius, you are freer, more relaxed, and playful in your expression. Today, this can be especially pronounced. Others notice you and reinforce you, and possibly encourage you to open up. Today is very good for inventive approaches. People may be admiring your intellect, quirkiness, or sense of humor. The tempo of your life accelerates a little, or at least enough for you to dismiss some of your recent problems and frustrations. However, there can be some problems with being understood today and the next couple of days with Mercury and Neptune approaching stations. It’s not a time for clarity. Even so, you’re working things in such a way that you’re coming out ahead.


You are especially insightful today, Pisces, particularly if you allow yourself some freeform activities that encourage imaginative thinking. Your imagination takes you to inventive places now, and you could have a great time thinking up new plans or procedures, especially those that make life easier and more progressive, in and around home and with your business. Even so, try to put off serious business or conversations today and tomorrow with Mercury and Neptune about to change directions.

Daily Motivator for Jan. 6th – The time it will take

The time it will take

You cannot turn the corner until you get to it. In order to create a  breakthrough, you must lay the groundwork for it.

Real value is built with time, effort and commitment. Don’t cheat yourself  out of that value by demanding instant results.

When you’re moving in a positive direction, enjoy the ride and give it the  time it takes. Even though the fulfillment is not yet complete, you can already  begin to experience it.

Don’t be afraid of the time it will take to make real progress. Be thankful  for the opportunity to make an increasingly valuable difference as time goes  on.

There is great joy to be found in meaningful effort. The longer and more  committed the effort is, the more joy you are able to experience.

Cheerfully give yourself and your work the time it takes. Choose a worthy  destination, and treasure every step of the journey.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator