Lady Silver Sage present a NEW YouTube Channel

If you have been wondering why there has been no posts from Lady Silver Sage for videos on her YouTube channel it is because it got hacked. She now has to start all over with a new channel because YouTube refused to help her get back the witchcraftandmore channel. She makes videos not just about witchcraft but about a whole array of topics. Please help this new channel be a huge success!

Lady Silver Sage present A Witches Life on

Also, if you would like please check out her blog at

Witchcraft and More by Lady Silver Sage

If You Were Born Today, November 11


If You Were Born Today, November 11

You are a sensual, passionate person who possesses both natural charm and a strong will. You are a “benevolent leader” type—going your own way without ruffling too many feathers (at least not for too long). You may raise a few eyebrows at first, but then you’ll find that people naturally follow your lead. A unique blend of sensitivity and softness, with strength and integrity, is all part of your charm. You truly stand out for your unique qualities.

Famous people born today: Calista Flockhart, Ian Marsh, Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonathan Winters, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Daisy Bates, George Patton, Stanley Tucci.

Courtesy of Cafe Astrology