Memorial Day: A Time to Appreciate

by Sara, from Institute of HeartMath

Memorial Day is a time to appreciate and honor the men and women of the Armed Forces and their families for the sacrifices they’ve made. Whatever our political or social views, we set all that aside to say a heartfelt thank-you to these men and women.

  • Thank you to those who lost their lives or were wounded in service.
  • Thank you and stay safe, to you who are in harm’s way at this very hour.
  • Thank you to the millions of service members and families for the incalculable sacrifices you have made.

How HeartMath Is Serving

The nonprofit Institute of HeartMath’s mission is about serving humanity by providing practical and scientifically based tools and interventions to prevent and reverse the negative effects of stress, and humanity includes the needs of active-duty and former servicemen and women.


HeartMath training and technology have been proven to improve cognitive functions and reduce symptoms of operational stress such as sleep disturbance, fatigue and overreactivity.

Military families have unique challenges and concerns that can arise because of a family member’s service. The absence and the return of a spouse, parent, son or daughter, can place tremendous stress, emotional pressure and other strains, including financial, on the rest of the family. To help bring more balance and ease into their lives, HeartMath provides the following resources and invites you to share them with family or friends in the military or support IHM’s non-profit efforts to provide these resources to more servicemen and women and their families.

H.E.A.R.T. DVD: The HeartMath Education and Resilience Training (H.E.A.R.T.) DVD and booklet are available at no cost to all military service members, veterans and families. The 3 ½ hour DVD describes practical tools to increase personal resilience and mental focus and improve performance and decision-making. If you are interested in receiving a free H.E.A.R.T. DVD for a military service member, veteran or spouse, fill out and submit this form.


Facebook Resources for Military, Veterans and Families: The Institute of HeartMath maintains a special helpful, fun and interesting section on Facebook for service members, veterans, and their families and friends. Individuals looking for solutions or assistance to a variety of current challenges will find plenty at HeartMath for the Troops, Veterans and their Families on Facebook. Those who simply want to be part of an online community that cares about the troops also are encouraged to visit.

Resilience and the Emotional Landscape e-Booklet: This e-booklet introduces concepts that help develop an understanding of how day-to-day stressful events and situations affect your resilience. It reviews simple, practical techniques that can be used in the moment anywhere to increase the capacity to take charge and better regulate your energy and emotions. Download a Free Copy on Facebook. (If you are not a Facebook user, e-mail us at with the message, Send me a free copy of The Resilience and the Emotional Landscape e-booklet.)


Shareable Badges: Show your gratitude by sending a support badge to a military service member, veteran or military family member. HeartMath has designed badges for each branch of the military and one for veterans. Take a look at the Shareable Badges.

More Free Resources for Military, Veterans and Their Families: IHM encourages current and former members of the U.S. military and their families to take advantage of a wide range of services, materials and solutions developed by scientists in collaboration with expert military staff. Among many other items, you’ll find tips for lowering stress and increasing energy and resilience for today’s challenges, parenting strategies for military families and books, games and other resources for children at Free Resources for Military.

Thank you, and let’s look at Memorial Day as Military Service Appreciation Day, honoring all those who have sacrificed in service to us.