Crone’s Corner – APPLE  DIVINATION

* If a girls peels an apple in one long piece at midnight on Halloween, and then  tosses the peel over her left shoulder or into a bowl of water, she will be able to read the first initial of her future partner’s name in the shape  assumed by the discarded peel.
* If a girl peels an apple at midnight on Halloween and hangs the peel on a nail by the front door, the  initials of the first man to enter will be the same as those of her unknown lover.
* If a group of unmarried boys and girls each attach an apple to a string and twirl the apple over a fire,  the order in which the apples fall off the string indicates the order in which they will all be married. The owner of the last apple to drop will remain  unmarried.
* In a group of unmarried boys and girls, each person marks an apple and places it in a large bucket of  water, along with unmarked apples. Without using their hands, the teens attempt to take bites out of the apples floating in the water. The teen is fated to  marry the person whose apple they bite. Another variation of this custom consists of hanging the apples from strings tied to a tree.