Special Kitty Of The Day for Feb. 24th

Nikkita, the Cat of the Day
Name: Nikkita
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Moggie
Home: New Zealand
This is my beautiful Nikkita, one of the sweetest natured kitties you could ever get, I rescued her and her mother Ellie-Mae coming up seven years ago this year, from their owner who neglected them both and let them continually have kittens, sadly I lost Ellie just a few weeks ago to cancer, but I am so fortunate to have her baby, my sweet girl Nikkita.

Nikkita loves to snuggle under any blanket she can find, I often go to make the beds and get quite a surprise because Nikkita will have snuggled under the duvet, and you cannot even notice her there, and a favorite is hopping in to boxes. She also loves being brushed, you just have to say “come on and get a brushing” and she will run over to the cupboard where I keep her brush.

We often nick name her Squeakitta, as she has more of a squeak than a miaow. She has a ton of purssonality, and on her terms can be quite cuddly. She loves to play, and loves belly rubs. She has become a bit of a Daddy’s girl, which is so sweet as he simply adores her back.

We all reside in a little piece of paradise called Aotearoa, more commonly know as New Zealand. Nikki is of no particular breed, we down under refer to her as a moggie, and age is unknown, but at least seven years of age. She had a health scare recently, but is fine now. We think it was part of her mourning her mom, Ellie, and are glad she is still with us!