Special Kitty of the Day for Monday, May 21

Name: Jet
Age: Seventeen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Short Hair
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jet has been a special cat his whole life. It started the day I met him. I was looking into adopting another cat (Jasper) from a local cat rescue organization and was at the foster parent’s home to have a look at him. I was sitting on a sofa and all of a sudden I got tapped on my shoulder. I turned my head and saw a young black cat sitting there, looking at me. He was so friendly and outgoing that I knew right away he would make a good therapy cat, something that I had started to do a few years earlier with another cat. I asked if he was up for adoption; he was, so I went home with two cats that day. I had no idea what to name this kitten, but when I saw him flying through the house it became quite clear- he was black and he was fast. So his name became Jet.

Since Jet was only six months old we had to wait another six months before I could have him tested as a pet therapy cat with PALS (Pet Access League Society), our local pet therapy group. He passed the test with flying colors, and soon started coming with me to the Children’s Hospital. He became an instant hit as cats are not usually seen doing pet therapy work. But Jet took it all in stride, and actually loved going to see the kids. He would go and sit on their laps, nuzzle them and sit very still while they stroked his soft fur. One touching story involves Jet and a young boy who had just come out of a coma. The boy had not spoken at all, but when he saw Jet at a PALS visit, he spoke his first word, “kitty”. His parents were in tears, as was I when they told me that this was the first word their son had spoken since he had come out of his coma. This is just one of many touching moments that pet therapy pets are involved in.

After ten years Jet received his special PALS scarf for his ten years of service. He was one of the first pets to receive it, and when he retired was the longest serving pet volunteer with PALS. Forward to thirteen years of pet therapy work, and I receive an email from a person involved with the MEOW Foundation, the rescue group from which I adopted Jet, that she wanted to nominate Jet for an award for all his years of pet therapy service. So Jet was nominated for, and won, the 2009 Volunteer Calgary Animal Volunteer of the Year award for his thirteen years as a pet therapy cat. He was the only animal present at a huge banquet dinner where all the other (human) award recipients received their awards. Of course he wore his red bow tie to this fancy banquet!

Sadly, Jet fell ill soon after the awards and was retired as a pet therapy cat. Jet just turned seventeen, and his health is continually declining. His spirit is still willing and he is still just as friendly as he has always been, but his body is getting frail. When he does pass to the Rainbow Bridge, Jet will be remembered by many people for his pet therapy contributions.

There will never be another cat like Jet, he is one in a million.

Dog-gone of the Day for February 22nd

Figi, the Dog of the Day
Name: Figi
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male Breed: Bichon Frise
Home: Malvern, Arkansas, USA
Figi is a rescued Bichon Frise who is about three years old. He lives in Malvern, Arkansas, and Figi is special because he is my best friend. He is my furry clown. He is the four legged man of my dreams . He is a rescue dog who rescued me. I was lonely and he makes me laugh. Figi is always full of kisses and happy to greet you.His personality is wonderful. In general, he is a tame relaxed pooch! He maxed his temperament test to volunteer. He is a volunteer for pet therapy. Figi dresses up and wears clothes everywhere we go.

As for tricks, besides the standard ones, he knows two uncommon ones: “hide!” If you are carrying a sack with him inside of it; tell him to hide, he goes to the bottom so no one knows he is there. And “Look for fleas:” he will lay across a pillow with his legs wide open for you to look for fleas. He is very dependent on me and I on him!

About his name, his rescue group, Care of Arkansas, said he was named Newton. I didn’t like it so it was between Sir Isaac and Fig. I know I was never going to call a dog Sir Isaac so I came up with Fig Newton but he is called Figi