The Witches Almanac for Monday, February 22nd

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The Witches Almanac for Monday, February 22nd

Monday (Moon): Peace, sleep, healing, compassion, friends, psychic awareness, purification, and fertility.

Caristia (Roman)

Waxing Moon
The Waning Moon (from the Full Moon to the New) is a time for study, meditation, and little magical work (except magic designed to banish harmful energies).

Full Moon 1: 20 pm
The Full Moon is the time of greatest power.

Sign: Leo
Leo: Draws emphasis to the self, central ideas, or institutions, away from connections with others and other emotional needs. People tend to be melodramatic.

Moon enters Virgo 6: 24 am
Virgo: Favors accomplishment of details and commands from higher up. Focuses on health, hygiene, and daily schedules.

Incense: Narcissus

Color: Ivory