Good Day WOTC Family and Friends – Another Change in Posting

An explanation for changing most posts back to how they were done before combining posts. Well, after trying the combined posts for over a week visitors and posts viewed have gone way down. As those numbers count towards the pennies a day I get for running WOTC my income from here has dropped from $0.33 USD per day to $0.20 USD per day. WordPress only pays out once a person reaches $100.00 no matter how long that might take. I only average about $105.00 USD every other month before I changed to the combined posts. This month I will not even make it to $50.00 USD for the entire month of May. What does this mean for how I do postings? It means I have to uncombine some of the ones I started combining 9 days ago. I cannot afford to get paid every 3 months by WordPress for the ads you see when going to different posts. Being paid every other month is hard enough on my income. I am on Social Security disability for which I get under $900.00 USD per month to pay all my bills and cover WOTC email and other monthly charges. I hope you understand why I have to make this change. I could leave the posts as is if there are a few people who would like to donate $5.00 to $10.00 USD or more every month 😉.

I am on disability for a combination of physical health problems the leading cause is have degenerative disc disease, which in my case means I have about 4 good discs in my entire spinal column the rest are either gone or bulging in towards the my central nervous system. This is a leading cause of why my fibromyalgia is getting worse instead of staying at the same level as it was when I was diagnosed with it about 10 years ago or at least that is what my doctors tell me. I DDD is also why I have so much trouble with my lower back and sciatic nerves. These things added on to of arthritis makes it very difficult just to do normal daily things like walk unaided inside my own home much less to set at my desk to get posts done but I am in no way giving up bring you fun, informative, and I hope interesting information daily.

Ok time to get off my soap box and get the regular daily posts done. Daily posts will appear as follows in your inbox. The topics that are posted the day before for the Northern Hemisphere will be reposted on the correct date.

Good Day WOTC Family and Friends Here is a Thought for Today – On the Date

Rotating Topics Daily Posts – On the Date

Goddesses – On the Date

Gods – On the Date

Divination Journal – On the Date

Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondence for – On  Northern Hemisphere’s current date for their tomorrow’s date

A Spell or Ritual – On  Northern Hemisphere’s current date for their tomorrow’s date

Moon’s Current Phase – On  Northern Hemisphere’s current date for their tomorrow’s date

Northern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions – On  Northern Hemisphere’s current date for their tomorrow’s date

Southern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions (I have received a few emails asking for this post to return) – On Southern Hemisphere’s current date

Birthday Horoscopes – 2 views – On  Northern Hemisphere’s current date for their tomorrow’s date

Daily Horoscopes – 2 views – On  Northern Hemisphere’s current date for their tomorrow’s date

Some Humor for Your Day – On the Date

A Radom Article on Witchcraft Topics or Something Related to Paganism on a semi-daily basis – On the Date


Astronomy Picture of the Day EVERY MONDAY for the preceding week

Weekly Horoscopes EVERY MONDAY

I will be working Monday through Saturday – posting answering emails and whatever else I need to do related to WOTC. I am taking Sunday off which means not doing anything related to WOTC unless one of my apprentices or heart family member needs me for something that cannot wait until Monday. Monday posts will go up as I can pre-scheduled them.


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