An Herbal Grimoire – Apple and Anise

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type of a negative reaction when using this herb for any reason.

Thanks for your patience on these posts. We are back at it and will continue on our Herbal journey. As I
have stated in the previous posting, understanding the herbs and what their Magickal properties are is
essential when working Magick. One does not want to use the wrong herb and insult the alignment or
the planets connected. We need the largest boost to the energy we create in Magickal working. So,
once again, lets get started.

Goddess Herb


Apple has a feminine aspect. It is closely connected with Venus and with the element of Water. In
Magickal workings, we can use Apple for Love spells and good luck. But be wary… Using Apple in a love
spell, you may get more than you expected. Love spells should never be used without all party’s

permission. Remember, in Magickal workings, we raise energy. That energy then flows into the
Universe, picks up more energies, and speed and then comes back to us three-fold. Without specific
intentions, love spells can turn into obsessions.
When working good luck spells using Apple, one must be very specific with your intentions. Magick
should never be used for personal gain. This can backfire. Where you might get that job or receive that
win, but your roof may spring a leak and that windfall that you just received will be used to fix that roof.

God Herb


Anise has a masculine aspect. It is closely connected with Jupiter and the Moon and with the element of
Air. In Magickal workings, this herb can be used to enhance protection spells, purification, bring
awareness and to enhance joy within Magickal working. This can also lend its healing abilities when
working with the herb.
One can fashion a pillow sachet with Anise to chase away nightmares and promote healthy sleep.
Creating a sachet with Anise, tying the knot seven times and carrying this sachet on your person can
help to promote protection.
As this herb is closely related to Air, understand when stating your intentions, you are very clear, as the
Air will help to guide your energies through the Universe.

Blessed Be Brothers and Sisters!
Happy Spellcasting!


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