A Chuckle for Your Day

I way over did it yesterday so not only is my fibromyalgia and arthritis yelling at so are muscles in my body I forgot I had. 😅. I clean a friend’s house and do his laundry which I did yesterday morning. Got home ate delicious ribs and rice that Big Dawg cooked so I could have an afternoon to relax. Did I relax like I should of? Ummmm…nope! Instead, I decided to my deep spring cleaning in the living room. When I was almost done with everything and already feeling it our lightweight vacuum cleaner decided to bite me as I was using the hose and pulled it to far to get under our beautiful china cabinet, whose is spending its time right now as my witchy bookcase. It hit me in the head, right shoulder and my right forearm leaving behind a cut along with some bruising. This type of thing is not new for me, my sister Silver Sage keeps threatening to buy me a bubble suit 🤣. Which goes along with a t-shirt I have that says, “I’m not clumsy. It’s just the floor hates me, The tables and chairs are bullies. And the walls get in the way.” Anyone else have this unfortunate side effect to do things to fast or when you are pushing yourself past common sense limits?

So, the thought I have for you today is a simple one…

Watch out your house and objects in it can revolt at anytime to take you down! ROFLMAO


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