I am Taking A Partial Day Off Today so Some Regular Posts Will be Missing and Information About Life in The Craft Magazine

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GOOD MORNING, dear Sisters, Brothers, and Honored Guests

I woke up with a glorious feeling the birds singing and a little later Ra out in his full, beautiful glory this morning knowing that the biggest stressors in my life are a thing in the past. First night in I cannot remember when I did not have even a inkling of a nightmare from PSTD. I can now move forward with letting go of the numerous abusive, in one way or another, relationships behind me and work to come to truly believe I did not cause them. To be fair I did choose to stay in those relationships so part of the reason I deal with PSTD does land on my shoulders. Today I awoke at 4:30 AM CDT because I had fell asleep about 7 PM CDT last night because I really crashed, again the first time in a very long time, from adrenaline leaving my body which means my fibromyalgia symptoms are better than they have been in many of years.

So, I decided I deserve a day of celebrating that fact that my new life with Big Dawg, my fiancée, can really and truly begin! It is still going to take me some time to fully appreciate and feel deserving of a man who loves me unconditionally, who is willing to watch out for my physical safety and protect me from things I cannot protect myself from. If this sounds un feministic so, be it but it is how I feel. I can give him my whole heart in love, companionship, and everything that goes with it without worrying that it is just a facade to keep me being his maid, lover, dog walker, ectara. He may not be a witch or pagan but he fully supports my choice of spiritual path as I do his as a Christian. We live in a small 4 room home which doesn’t afford me having a special room set aside to work and practice my magickal and spiritual path but when I am doing something with my students like our monthly chat and Sabbath gatherings or even if it is just a phone call he will go into the bedroom and shut the door. A little insider info he has done private rituals and in our own way we celebrate the Sabbaths.

Anyway, about today’s regular and extra posts. I will be doing horoscopes (BTW April 12th’s birthday horoscope is up now on the 12th), Moon phase, planetary positions, correspondences, spell, and divination. The divination post will be tarot cards, rune, witches rune, and ogham is because I am curious what these are saying to me as well as you today. No early Friday posts will be up. Tomorrow I will be going back to me regular posting schedule. I apologize to my southern hemisphere readers that so much information is being skipped over or coming up to late to maybe of no use to you for yesterday,  today, and tomorrow. YOur Saturday information will be available on your Saturday morning.

The next two issues of Life in The Craft magazine will be posted on WOTC instead of sending them via an email. Why, you may be asking yourself? Well, I want more than a hand full of people to see what the magazine offers. I am also going to go to 4 times a year issues covering the seasons and whatever Sabbaths full in it. The cost per issues will be $4.00 USD if paid monthly. If you choose to pay for a yearly subscription, it will be $14.00 USD. There will be no free issues of the quarterly magazine that is why I am putting the Beltane/Samhain and Litha/Yule issues up on WOTC. Every quarterly issue will cover the Northern and Southern Hemisphere’s Sabbats along with other topics. If you have questions, would like to submit an original article for consideration or ideas for future issues or creative criticism please write to me at ladybeltane@witchesofthecraft.com


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  1. Dear Lady Beltane! Congratulations on your new path of your life with Big Dawg!! I’m really happy for you both! It’s amazing and very important to have such an incredible and loving support ! Wish you many many years of happiness, peace and love together!! 💜🦋✨🫶🏻You deserve to be happy and loved! P.S. Say hi and THANK YOU TO BIG DAWG! 🤗☺️Blessed be, love and hugs, MBES

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