Regular Daily Posts Will Be Back Tomorrow Monday, January 16th

Thank you to all my readers in the WoTC’s family. It means more to me then I can explain that you support me in the rough spots as well as the good times in my life by not leaving when I cannot post for whatever reason. May the Great Mother and Great Father bless your life with positive energy and all good things.

I need one more day off as this week has been a roller coaster physically, mentally, and emotionally. I thank the Great Mother and Great Father for carrying me since January 3rd. Without my faith in them I would be in a psych ward again. I did catch up on Birthday Horoscopes and Astronomy Picture of the Day. Tomorrow I will be doing th 16th posts and tomorrow posts for both hemispheres.

My new grandson got to go home from the NICU on Friday. His big brother was so excited to be able to hold him with my son’s help.

My grandson, Chris, got assigned to his Basic Combat Training (BCT) company on Tuesday. He’s now fully enmeshed in his soldier training. My daughter, his mom, and I are starting to adjust to not being able to talk or text him whenever. The trainees cellphones are locked up by their drill sergeant (DS) and only given out to call home when the DS feels they have earned the privilege.

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