Where Are All the Regular Posts?

Well, I just went through a very emotionally stress filled week and it has not gotten any better so far.

My 3rd oldest grandson left for active service in the USA Army on January 3, 2023, which left his mom my daughter very upset, so I have been on the phone or texting here quite a bit every day. It is her younger of two sons that went.

On the 5th I had another divorce court hearing, and it did not go well. The man I have been married to for 25 years now and have not seen in 22 years is trying to control my life by making the divorce harder than it should be. So that triggered my PTSD from his and other men in my life abuse. I all I want is to cut all ties and be able to get married to a man that loves me, accepts me as I am, and we have known each other over 2 decades. That man would be Lord Beltane a.k.a. Big Dawg.

Yesterday I was honored with another grandson being born. He was born early because of serious medical problems my daughter-in-law was having. He had to be put in the NICU right after birth because he was breathing too fast for his body to get the right amount of oxygen. As of this writing he is still being monitor in the NICU. His name is Asher if anyone would care to light a candle for him or say a “prayer”.

Today we were gone from the house at 10:00 AM after I got up late and did not have time to work. Tomorrow, we leave about 9:00 AM CST to travel back and forth to Wisconsin to take care of some business a total of a 5-hour ride.

Tuesday, I clean a friend’s house for extra pin money.

Oh yeah, I also fell twice on my right hip which is not broken but extremely sore.

So, to wrap this up I will not be back to regular posting until probably this coming Wednesday, but I will make sure the birthday horoscopes go up on their correct date every morning.


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