Prayers or Light a Candle Please

My older daughter’s younger son, Chris, leaves today for Army basic training. He will be regular Army. Please join me in asking for him to be safe and if possible stay on USA soil during his your of duty.

Once he is done with basic he will learn how to drive and operate heavy construction machines(?) earth movers and stuff.

I am a proud but concerned grandma. He is a strong empath but asked me to bind his ability while he is serving in case he goes somewhere where fighting is going on. He was afraid his ability might keep him from helping his brother’s in arms if faced with a fire fight.

3 thoughts on “Prayers or Light a Candle Please

  1. May Chris stay safe and protected from harm. To bind all of his empathic nature, could leave a somewhat negative change in him. He still needs some measure of empathy within him to be able to help those who may need to rely on him in any times of danger, should there be any. He could well have the powers to warn and help his fellow soldiers and comrades should this ever be the case. I feel sure he will do well, in the army, with your influence over him. Balance is all. He clearly has a great regard for you, as you do for him. There is great strength and power in that. Blessings to you all.


  2. i knew you put something out into the universe & i was trying to guess it before i logged in lol. very good of him to take on an incredible stance during such challenging times, he is what good men are made of & i will offer my best for his safety & protection. (btw i will be emailing i have some catching up to do 😉


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