No January Monthly Posts as They are on the Yearly Posts

Merry meet and merry greet dear Sisters and Brothers in The Craft. I hope your year has started off on a positive note.

As you probably tell my New Year’s Eve Day and so far, New Year’s Day has been spent at my desk doing posts for your enjoyment and to be informed of things happening this year. After a total of 14 hours in 2 days my body is telling me it is time to rest it so I can get posts done tomorrow and so forth. Also, Big Dawg (formally Lord Beltane. He decided to pick a name for me to use on here…lol) would like to spend some time with me. So, with all of that said I figured since the January monthly posts are included at the top of the yearly posts there is no need to be repetitive by posting them separately.

I have tried many different keywords to find a Moon phase calendar that is just for January 2023 but no luck. If anyone feels like looking for one and emailing me at with a link to one, I would really appreciate it.

It is time to make the finishing touches to our dinner so until tomorrow… Merry part and blessed be until we merry meet again. From me to every member of the WoTC family I send a big hug.

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