More Information About Road Opener Spells


What’s the best Moon phase for a road opener spell?

The New Moon or Waxing Crescent Moon phases are perfect for casting a road opener spell because they symbolize new beginnings. The start of a lunar cycle is ideal for spiritual works of renewal and fresh starts.

What day to do a road opener spell?

Any day of the week will work, but you can choose a specific day according to your intentions: If you’re working on a road opener for love, it’s best to do it on a Friday. If this is a job finding ritual, Sunday or Monday are your best options. For a great road opener spell for money, cast it on a Thursday instead.

What is “Abre Camino”?

Abre camino translates literally from Spanish as “Road opener”. Known as Common Boneset in English, Eupatorium villosum is native to the Caribbean and can be found mainly in Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Abre camino rituals don’t necessarily use the abrecamino plant, and sometimes use various other plants and ingredients.

When to do road opener spell?

Cast a road opener spell if you are feeling stuck in your current situation. For example, there are students who are in school and can’t advance or aren’t getting good enough grades. We say their paths are blocked. With a road opener ritual these paths will be cleared once and for all. Their mind will be clear and they will understand what they need to do in order to graduate or improve their grades.

If you are trying to buy or sell a house and feel that you’re stuck or can’t move forward with all the paperwork, this ritual is also very helpful. If you’re going through a court case or immigration procedure and feel that your case is not going anywhere or they’re not giving you any answers, this ritual will help you.

What does a road opener spell do?

Road opener rituals help remove anything that prevents you from moving forward.They offer a safe attempt to eliminate obstacles or barriers in a similar way to an Uncrossing Ritual. A road opener or unblocking ritual will help you change a circumstance that is adverse. We do with by placing the energy where it needs to be (the solution) and taking it away from where we don’t want it (the problem).

Many of these rituals include prayers to Catholic saints such as the road opener to St Cyprian or St Cajetan (San Cayetano). There are also novenas, long candle burning rituals and offerings for the opening of roads.

How to make this ritual more effective?

Take a cleansing bath before you begin. Use road opener herbs such as cinnamon, basil or lemon. Dress your candle with an essential oil that matches your intention.

Focus on the necessary opening for your situation. Many times we wish to open a door that we don’t really need to open. When you make a petition or wish, you can say: “I am receiving __________ and if this is not what I require, let the Universe show me what will bring me growth.”

Have faith. Everything that is done with great faith is ultimately achieved. Use the mental and spiritual energy that you naturally have. Whenever you are going to do cast a spell, put all your energy into it.