Lady Carla Beltane January’s Gratitude and Afirmation Lists

I try to write a personal gratitude and affirmation lists on the first of every month. I place it on the top of my clipboard that has some of my more used passwords, current month’s budget, and other miscellaneous paperwork I like to keep close at hand when I am working. Yes, my full-time job is all parts of WoTC – the website/blog, School of Witchcraft, Life in The Craft magazine, chats and Sabbat gatherings with the school’s Heart’s Spirit Coven, answering emails, reviewing novice and adept level apprentices lessons. Besides doing different types of divination readings, clearing auras and chakras, cleansing, and blessing clients’ homes. I also do Handfastings, Wiccanings, and Crossing the Veil ceremonies. So I do get burned out some days and that’s when my gratitude and affirmation lists is very helpful.

You might want to write one or both lists yourself. They can help you, as they do me, to feel better on days everything seems to be going wrong by being able to read all the positive things in your life

Lady B’s Gratitude list

I’m grateful for having a warm, dry, cozy home

I’m grateful for having my twin flame, Big Dawg, in my life and the love he shows me in many ways every day and that he totally accepts me for me, including supporting my spiritual and magickal path

I’m grateful for having enough food and beverages in our home for humans and fur kids

I’m grateful for the love I give to and receive from all 4 fur kids (we have a blended family-Big Dawg had 2 large breeds and I had 2 toy breeds when we moved in together. Amazingly, they all get along from day 1)

I’m grateful we could get each other a little something for this past Yule/Christmas (Big Dawg follows some Christian beliefs)

I’m grateful for my Social Security Disability monthly payments

I’m grateful to have good health insurance

I’m grateful we should be able to catch up our bills that fell behind when we had covid

I’m grateful to have a website dedicated to the Goddess (and Gods) where I can share information with others

I’m grateful for having a way to mentor young (in The Craft, not age) witches

Lady B’s Affirmation List

I am beautiful even with some extra weight

I can get posts done everyday.

It doesn’t matter if posts go live a little late

I can take my 2 fur girls for a walk everyday

It is OK not to be liked by everyone

Being a Pagan Witch doesn’t make me a bad person

It is fine to be out of the broom closet and wear a pentacle proudly

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