Honoring Other Religions/Spiritual Paths Holy Days and Holidays

Warning this article has not been proofread. I wrote it while listening to my Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and to me most important my heart. So I decided to leave the words stand as they came to me to be typed.

We as Pagans and witches would like to be accepted openly by society as other more mainstream religions are. Do be able to wear our pentacle, ankh, or other pagan pendants and amulets proudly displayed outside of our shirt, blouse, or dress as other people proudly display a symbol of the spiritual belief.

Granted, being a solitary witch is more the norm for us than belonging to a coven or other pagan groups. Have you ever asked yourself why this is? Or why is it so hard to find a coven, especially a face to face one? Putting it bluntly our spiritual paths are very misunderstood because of the horrible way movies, television shows, books, history, and word to ear stories are told. If people of other spiritual paths would read just one non-fiction book about witchcraft and ask a real, practicing witch about their lifestyle and beliefs public opinion would start to change for the better.

As pagans and witches I feel and think we should set the example of tolerance for other people’s religious beliefs. So, I have decided to further this train of thought by doing posts, starting this December, that will qgive us some insight into other spiritual paths/religions holy and holidays. My hope is that even those of us that have come to some type of pagan spiritual tradition from a “main stream” religion can lose some of the nasty taste leftover from our former spiritual walk while learning things about different religions worldwide. Just as ignorance about Paganism gives us a bad reputation throughout most of today’s cultures and societies, our ignorance of other religions can tend to make us think badly of those that follow them.

I ask you to please read the short definition I will post about each holy or holiday a day or two before it takes place to widen your knowledge of the many different spitual paths people walk and their traditions. Yes, just as there are witches who turn The Craft into something dark to fit their own needs and beliefs there are those of all religions that do the same. Just like we do not want to be judge as a whole by those few please do not judge everyone who follows another religion by the ones that twist it into something it is not.

Do not judge others unless you enjoy someone judging you.