Brain Fog is a Horrible Thing to Deal With

Thanks to fibromyalgia and my emotional state of mind over the past month plus lingering effects from having covid my mind is not working very well today. I opened WordPress to start posting and could not really understand what I had posted or not posted for both hemispheres’ tomorrow so Give me some time to slowly figure out what I have or have not done, and I will get the regular posts up for both tomorrows at some point today. Thank goodness for Grammarly or this post would look like a very young child wrote it instead of me LOL. This is not an easy thing for me to work with and at times trying to figure out what I am doing not just with posts but something as easy as refilling my water glass can trigger anything from a mundane headache to a migraine.

To make things a little easier on myself the following will be happening with all the regular everyday posts:

The birthday horoscope will be posted on the date it falls on.

The southern hemisphere will have postings for its tomorrow.

The northern hemisphere will be todays out from the current date.

Hopefully this along with a check off sheet will allow me to get information to you better daily. Please excuse any mistakes I might make with getting posts on the dates listed above. Thank you for your patience once again.

12 thoughts on “Brain Fog is a Horrible Thing to Deal With

      1. I m sorry for what you go through. I have fibro and I started a flare up and the pain is unbearable and believable . I feel what you are saying when you say fibro. I try to keep my brain active when I start to fog up but it doesn’t work. So when you say flare up. I got u and I send healing thought

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      2. The flare ups hurt but the whole fibro thing gives new meaning to life when nobody understands the weight of it pain tears headaches the spasms of the heart, then you forget everything you was doing gonna do. It’s unbearable and the people who don’t understand it and think we’ll see is making it up. They need to try it for a week

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  1. Totally get it! I have the Fibro fog and Covid Mush Brain, I also like to tell people I have Perimenopause Brain, CPTSD Brain, PTSD Brain, Bipolar Brain, as well as the usually ADHD & Autism Brain lol
    It’s a wonder I have any thinking at all some days!
    Being exhausted feeds into this.
    My heart goes out to you with this.
    I’ve been back into writing again for five years, but I can’t go public with the brain fog. I write fanfiction for now and even then it’s so sporadic! My fibro fog makes me so sporadic. I can often work through the pain, but the Fog, nope, that grinds it all to a halt.


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