Pagan and Magickal Terms and Definitions

Today’s Word is




Male, day, light, hot, spirals outward, God, summer; equal and opposite of Yin.


Female, night, dark, cold, spirals inward, Goddess, winter; equal and opposite of Yang.


A symbol often used to express polarity and equality; reinforces the idea that one cannot exist without the other (Yin contains Yang; Yang contains Yin).


The Yin/Yang symbol, also known as “t’ai chi t’u”, has played a vital role in Chinese thought. The dark side (yin, feminine) has within it a spot of light indicating that in all negativity there is a seed of the positive light force, or “good”. The light side (yang, masculine) has a dark spot indicating that within positivity/good there is potential for negativity/evil.

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