Posting Later?

Between the covid and super bad fibromyalgia flare it put me in it hurts to type. I’m using a stylus on my cellphone to do this. I will get caught up with birthday horoscopes as soon as I can comfortably do the posts.

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  1. When I had covid it hauled my fibro out of remission. I’m only now getting to the point I don’t have flair ups, just achy a lot. I can deal with achy better that a sudden out of the blue bolt of pain. I have covid mid June this year, was extremely sick for about 5 days, then super sick, then miserable, then well, I might make it lol, then Ok we should be alright. That took about a month. I’m still tired a lot, but I’d say overall back to my “normal”. It set off a lot of old illnesses, as if it went through a card catalog of everything I’ve ever been sick with or ever will be sick with and socked it to me every few hours with new symptoms over the five days. This was unlike any other kind of covid I’ve ever had (we had H1N1 twice) as the symptoms just kept coming, new ones sometimes every hour!!
    Usually you get the “flu” and all the symptoms at once, feel horrible for a few days, start to mend, then get better, but all the same symptoms.
    This one was a bit of everything, physical and mental illnesses! Went after me mentally too with my depression/anxiety ramped up to a factor of like a million.
    Take all the time you need to heal. Besides, I’m getting new candles out of this LOL I’ve burned my others almost out so hey, win win, you start to mend and my house smells amazing. big hugs!

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    1. I know what you mean about it digging through to find anything it can torture you with. I had H1N1 but it wasn’t as bad as having covid 19. Thank you for burning candles for us. I hope you enjoy your new ones!

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