I Am Still Feeling Miserable

I hoped to feel well enough to get back to regular posting today but I way underestimated my recovery time from COVID. I will try to get posts up tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “I Am Still Feeling Miserable

  1. Hello! It’s Erin. I am so sorry to hear that you’re still extremely ill. To !any people played ignorant about this virus, and many are still sick, or getting new variances of it. I wish there was a way to have a huge!!!!! Witch gathering for healing those still ill, and then apply the strongest banishing spell/command in the history of magic. That would kick some vivid ass!!.
    I send you all of my good, healing thoughts, so you have a complete recovery!
    Blessed Be, Erin
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  2. Take the time Needed to heal … and then an extra day, just to be sure :^)
    I hope Lord Beltane is healing as well (and I hope I remembered his name correctly). Candle still burning every morning and evening, on my candle altar.

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