Help With Feeling Better Needed

Unfortunately we are not finishing out the week with the carnival because we tested positive for covid. Working directly we young children is unthinkable to us. Even one day was too much. Lord Beltane could not even work out the day because of the bodily aches and pains. I was using hand sanitizer about every 15 minutes and was hardly coughing yesterday. When I did I was very careful not to cough towards anyone. The huge downside to testing positive is we can not work out the week and have 3 bills we cannot pay. One of which is my internet which might wind up in it being shut off until next month.

We would both appreciate candles lit being lit or healing energy sent our way to help with our symptoms. If you feel like making a donation to help cover the $260.00 USD we are short this month I will happily do an Animal Spirit reading for you. If the donation is $75.00 USD or over I will do a full body reading which includes seeing if you have any negative entities in your or aura and if any are attached to you, checking all your chakras to see what shape they are in. The chakras I check are not just the 7 main ones but all 25 of them. I will do a post in the next couple of days explaining where the othe 18 less know chakras are.

Thank you for your help and support as we work to get better. Blessed be dear Sisters, Brothers, an Honored Guests.

6 thoughts on “Help With Feeling Better Needed

  1. 💚Ma, we’ve spoken, so you know what I’m facing currently. That being said, however, I have lit an anointed candle for expedient healing for both you (and Lord Beltane) daily, since we last talked. Psst…! A little fairy told me to mention something to you about being on the lookout for a “Get Well Soon”/”Goddess Save the Internet” donation…🧚‍♀️💫🎁🤷‍♀️🕯Healing, positivity, and abundance vibes sent with love. Blessed be. Graphia

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  2. Money’s tight as I am saving for equipment needed to allow me more independence – this most amazing piece of technology has become available for blind people – a real game changer – only drawback, it costs 5,000 (no exaggeration). Until I can get this, every penny is getting saved for it! I can, however, being one who makes candles, light a Charged candle for you and Lord Beltane. It will go on my candle altar tonight. Blessed Be

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  3. My favorite healing candles are lit (house smells nice) and I will spend the time tonight when it’s quiet to send healing energies to help and comfort you both through this. I so wish I could help out with the monetary end (as a baby witch I think that would be easier if I had it).
    The first five days were the worst for us, but we all have comorbidities out the wazoo.

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