Taking a Vacation Sort Of

Mardi Gras – House of Mirrors

For the next week the only posts will be the birthday horoscope and current Moon phase. Lord Beltane and I get to have fun with children of all ages while working at the same carnival as last year and not having to be concerned with everyday things except taking care of our fur children. I should be running the House of Mirrors a.k.a. Mardi Gras.

Since we are probably doing just one location this year and I have been mildly depressed I am considering this as a vacation. Where else could we go and be surrounded by laughter, positive energy, and children from babies in a stroller to those walking with a cane that are letting their inner child out to play and get paid for it? Granted it is long hours on our feet in the sun but we get to be outside all day having fun. My goal is to come back to you relaxed and rejuvenated instead of the frame of mind I am now.

So until Monday, August 22nd have a fantastic week. Find sometime to go outside to just sit and listen to the sounds of our fellow beings in nature.


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    1. Yep! I high 10 the younger kids to make sure they know to keep their touching the glass or mirrors first instead of their nose. The owner makes allowances for the fibromyalgia and let’s me sit when no one is going through. So I’m not standing all the time.

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