I Am Taking Today Off

I know I missed some posts last week because of the fall I took on the ice landing on my right shoulder. It is feeling better thank you for helping me to heal.

Today it’s -10F  and feel totally rotten Because of fibromyalgia flare combined with a couple of other things. When I type my fingers feel like bolts of electricity are being pumped into them. I can’t even hold a pen iCal to use the eraser to touch the keys with.

Stay warm and stay inside if you live where this bitter cold is.

I hope to be back tomorrow if the fibro flare calms down. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

4 thoughts on “I Am Taking Today Off

  1. Hello,

    I’m sorry you’re going through this sort of pain and I’m sending healing love and vibes your way.

    I’m new to the witchy world and have only been receiving your emails for about a month. Actually you’re my first and just about only source of information. You are a wealth of knowledge indeed. I’m astonished by the care you give, the passion your bring, and the amount of work you put into sending content on a daily basis. Thank you so much! You’ve provided me with a starting point on my journey and it’s helped me navigate what would otherwise be overwhelming. I really appreciate you!

    You deserve time off. Rest up well and heal well. 😻

    Warm regards,


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    1. Merry meet Heidi,
      Thank you for your kind words, healing love and vibes. I enjoy bring Witchcraft and witches out of the “broom closet”, how main stream religions vilify us, and how we are stereotyped into the bright light of reality and social settings to prove that all forms of media and mostly Christianity has portrayed us wrong for hundreds of years. I am honored to carry on the founder of WOTC, Lady Abyss’, promise to the Goddess to educate people about not only the magickal side of The Craft but the spiritual side as well.
      Blessed be,
      Lady Beltane


  2. I have fibro as well, so I totally get it. Here in Western NY we’ve gotten down to -23F. It’s not so much the cold, it’s the dampness from the humidity that gets me. The longer you take to recover the better you’ll feel. Take care of you!

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