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Written By Hypatia

For Coven Life

15th April 2019

A 75 year old would have spent 9,125 days of their life sleeping!

In the ancient Hellenic world, dreaming, sleeping and death were considered all related, literally.

Nyx- (night) was the mother of brothers Oneiros- (dream), Hypnos- (sleep) and Thanatos- (death). All are related in mythology, in spirituality and religion. The rebirth, to die the philosopher’s death, the Shamanic death, the Tibetan Bardo Thodol etc…. The key is the symbolic death of leaving the old you and walking in the path of the awakened one. In fact that is what the word Buddha literally translates into, the ‘Awakened’.

Dying to sleep…..

In Tibetan Buddhism, dreams and death are considered to be very similar, much like the ancient Hellenic point of view. Dreaming is used by healers to diagnose and treat disease. These healers are the conduit between humans and spirits to…

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