Information About January 1, 2020 Some Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Posts

Welcome to 2020!!! WOTC sure had its ups and downs through 2019, With Lady Abyss retiring from here and then not even a month later she goes to the Summerlands. The website passing into my hands to carry on a mission the Goddess gave to Lady Abyss of educating society on what witchcraft, pagans, and withes real are. As well as sharing many things with new and established witches they may not have know about other wise, Her guidance and mentoring to many of us is not something we will get over quickly, or at least I won’t.

I again want to thank all of the donors, those that prayed to the Goddess and lit candles or whatever to save Lady A’s legacy that I have found my shoulders need to be wider to bear the extra weight of running WOTC without Lady A to call for advice.

2020 is going start off slow with the yearly information posts because I need to figure out what websites she used for them. Unfortunately I cannot post any horoscopes until the year changes in the northern and western hemispheres So all posts will be at least 1 day late for the southern hemisphere and parts of the eastern hemisphere. I will do my best on January 1st to get everything up but my youngest grandchild is coming to visit me tomorrow and as I tell Coven Life’s students family always comes first. I hoping to be able to some of them tonight after it is midnight where I live. Not sure what time zones different websites are in or if they schedule posts like we do sometimes.

I ask that you let us know what you kind of posts you want to see on WOTC in the comments section, all comments do get read even if I do not have time to reply, so we can start trying to information on the topic and get posts up about it. There will be more divination posts in 2020 but they will be done differently than you were use to see from Lady Abyss and her awesome team.

I am here to listen to you and help you if I can but I feel it is time for a reminder that we DO NOT DO SPELLS AND/OR RITUALS OF ANY KIND FOR ANYONE NO MATTER WHAT THE SPELL OR RITUAL MAY BE FOR. WE DO NOT SUPPLY ANY SPELLS AND/OR RITUALS PRIVATELY.  You are welcome to use any spells and/or rituals and/or information that is on our website. Please remember if you are going to use something from our website on your website to give us credit and do a link back to us. This is what we do when sharing from other websites.