If You Could Have Anything for Yule From the Entire Universe and the Cost Did Not Matter

What would it be? For me it would be enough money to buy each of my 5 children homes big enough for their families or pay off the mortgage if they have so ready found their dream home. Then to pay off all my husband and my debts. Move to Ohio but 30 acres of pristine wood land to build a Main House and than some bunk bed cabins to have a place to use for Sabbat rituals.

While this song does have the words Merry Christmas in it this could be changed to Beautiful Yule or something similar.

It’s a very cute song I think especially sung by a child for you listening please…

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth


3 thoughts on “If You Could Have Anything for Yule From the Entire Universe and the Cost Did Not Matter

    1. Well I had a long explanation of why Ohio that I some how deleted so I’ll just go with my cousin lives in the risk foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains. We’re she has 120 acres most of which are pristine woodlands. We will be able together to grow a fairly large vegetable and herb garden. The barn and chicken coop are in good shape for us to know what our meat, eggs, and milk come from and what they eat. We have fresh spring water for the homes and pond whose fish we can eat. I know even a small farm takes work but as I’ve work on a large farm it won’t be as hard. So I’m not moving to Ohio because of the state but because of family and living in the type of place I’ve always wanted to. I know the weather is very similar to Illinois where I have lived for most of my 61 years and am more than ready to give up urban life for the chance to live in better harmony with Mother Earth the way to !e we are meant to live. Plus it’ll be an awesome place for my family to visit and unwind.


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